99% of killings by police in the United States have not resulted in officers being charged with a crime in the period from 2013 to 2019. Images of their victims circulate massively in the media but there seems to be a wall of silence around the names or photographs of the police officers that have been accused of killing unarmed Black people. They are not easy to find.

As we say the names of the victims, we must also remember the names and faces of the killers. This is an aggregator of the police officers that have been involved or may be involved in the future in the violent deaths of unarmed Black people.

The names and faces of the perpetrators, as well as the names of their victims and the circumstances of their deaths are now registered. immutably on the blockchain. All the information contained in the tokens is sourced from public records.

A wallet has been created in the name of each victim. Each wallet holds a token with the image of their killers. The private keys of the wallets that control these tokens have been destroyed. No one controls these tokens.

These tokens can’t be censored, modified, or taken down.